Prodigy's Fall Festival

Brace yourselves, Prodigy players and parents, for a spook-tacular event coming to Lamplight Town.

That's right — Pumpkinfest is here again! ?

For the entire month of October, this exclusive festival will be available in the game for all players to enjoy.

We have all the details for you to share with your child, to get them excited to play more Prodigy and have fun building more math skills this Fall — wherever they're learning.

What is Pumpkinfest?

There are plenty of reasons to love this time of year, and Pumpkinfest is here to make the season even more fun!

Whether your child is at home or at school, they'll get to:

  • Visit Lamplight Town Square, which will be decorated with pumpkins galore.
  • Earn Candy Corn from wizard battles or rescuing pumpkins in Lamplight Town.
  • Use their Candy Corn to purchase exclusive in-game items at the event shop.
  • Spend time with Kandi Korn, who will cheerfully guide players through festival fun all month!

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