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Prodigy Math Game is an entertaining and educational app for children, which allows them to solve math problems and learn with the help of games. You can download Prodigy Math Game play it on your iOS or Android device, and it will surely be useful if you are a teacher or parent.

Graphics 5/5

The first important thing to mention in this Prodigy the Math Game review is its graphics. This app is designed specifically for children, so the entire design is colorful and cartoonish. When playing games in this app, children will be able to interact with different characters that are reminiscent of those we see in anime. The action in the Math games takes place in various environments in nature. The overall impression you get from this app is that it’s a positive and happy place for children.

Gameplay 5/5

In terms of gameplay, Prodigy Math Game doesn’t offer anything incredibly unique. When you install this game, a child is able to create his or her character. Once this is done, it is possible to start exploring the world of the game, rescuing pets, and fighting against bosses. What is also great is that it’s possible to play with friends, which is something most children enjoy.

The most crucial part of the entire gameplay is, of course, the fact that it helps children acquire new math skills. The app is built in such a way that your progress depends on whether you can correctly answer different math questions. When you play, you earn different rewards depending on your level and can go on quests. A great thing about this game is how customizable it is. It means that every child can play games according to his or her level. All math questions that kids get in this game are in alignment with the state-level curricula.

Controls 5/5

The app uses touch-screen controls, and they are standard and suitable for children. There is no need to get used to any unusual combinations of controls, as everything is geared towards kids. The game is designed to be intuitive so that you don’t need to stand over a child and show them how to play. If children have ever played touch-screen apps before, they will have no issues playing Prodigy Game.

Replay Value 4/5

As it is an educational and entertaining app at the same time, the replay value depends on a particular child. If someone didn’t fully grasp some concepts and materials, it might be reasonable to play through this game again and repeat. At the same time, children tend to get bored quickly, so when they get through all the levels, it’s unlikely that they will want to replay it.

The Bottom Line

Prodigy Math Game offers parents and teachers a great way to get children into math. The games are fun, and kids don’t even notice how much math they learn in the process. You can download Prodigy Math Game for an iOS or Android smartphone, and it will surely be helpful in the educational process.


  • Excellent colorful design
  • Entertaining and educational
  • Math questions align with curriculum
  • Simple controls


  • Heavy promotion of the paid version
  • Some features are restricted in the free version


Prodigy Math Game is designed to help kids solve math problems, and it is a great tool to both entertain children and to learn.